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Year 4 Topics

Rainforests    Image result for rainforest

During this exciting topic, we will be looking at the plants, people and animals of the world's rainforests. We will study the layers of the rainforests and look at the differing flora and fauna that live amongst them. Highlighting issues around deforestation and climate change, we will look at how important rainforests are for the rest of the world. We will study maps and atlases to look at locations of geographical features.


Stone Age Britain & the Romans

For our first history topic, we will study what life was like for early Britons. Stone Age life in places such as Star Carr will show us how our ancestors lived and what was different thousands of years ago. Moving forward in time, we will look at the invasion of Britain by the Romans. We will try our hand at mosaics, chariot racing and making Roman pottery from clay.                         Image result for roman


Knights & Castles

During this topic, we will look at Medieval life in Britain - what it was like for people in villages, towns and castles. We will delve into historical enquiry as we learn all about How to be a Knight! Art work will look at creating our own shields, coats of arms and illuminated letters.


Wild Wild West     Image result for wild west

Join us as we travel across the United States, learning about life for Native American Indians, Pioneers and Cowboys...yeehah! We will make moving models of wagons, dream-catchers and False Face masks worn by the Iroquois tribe, as well as writing Native American creation tales.


World War Two    

For this topic we will look at life in Wartime Britain - what air-raids were like, how children felt being evacuated and the effects of rationing on meat, fruit and veg....and sweets! As well as looking at the geography or Europe, we will learn some famous Wartime songs and accompaniments and even try our hand at some traditional 1940's dance!


Under the Sea

It's always better, down where it's wetter! Join us as we travel beneath the ocean waves, looking at the geography of the seas and oceans of world. We will look at the way or oceans are used for many different purposes, as well as finding out ways to protect our seas and beaches. We will sew our very own sea creatures and look at creating watery landscapes with paint effects.