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Year 5 Curriculum

Our topics in Year 5 are...

Around the World in 80 Days

This is a literacy based topic which studies the classic novel, written by Jules Verne, of the journey around the world of Phileas Fogg and his companion. In this topic we will focus initially on studying the key geographical features of the United Kingdom, including making sure the children can identify and locate countries, counties, towns and cities, hills and mountains, coasts and major rivers. We will then travel further to compare many geographical features around the world. We will also introduce the children to the wilder side of the world researching the Earth’s extremes from raging tropical storms to violent erupting volcanoes to terrifying towering tsunamis. Alongside this we explored how these affect people, communities and landscapes.



During the Spring term we will learn all about China, including its geography and government, its traditions and art works. We will also study the Shang Dynasty, which was a fascinating and pivotal era in Chinese History, which was full of innovation and advances. We will consult history books and archaeological finds to compare evidence and draw conclusions about a wide range of features.


It's All Greek to Me!

Also during the Spring term, we will continue to look at evidence to find out about another ancient civilisation. We take a trip back to one of the most fascinating periods to discover Ancient Greece. We will discover the people, the country,  the arts, the inventions, the technology, the mythology and much, much more. We will also be having an engaging day with a visitor, who will help to bring the ancient world to life! 


Blast Off!

During the Summer Term, we will be blasting into outer space with this exciting and informative topic. We will be learning all about the solar system, explore the key events of space exploration and beginning to imagine what space travel might be like in the future. All the children's learning will then be celebrated in style, when parents will be invited to visit our very own Space Centre (after a trip to see how the experts do it at the National Space Centre!). In technology we will learn how to draw in 3 dimensions in preparation for designing and building our own space rovers. Plus much more...hold tight!