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Year 6 Curriculum

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In this topic, children will be looking at the Diamond Brothers book in Literacy and using it to plan and write their own pieces of fiction. They will be researching different aspects of crime and punishment throughout history and in the present day. Our non-fiction writing will be based on this. We are also looking forward to going on a trip to the National Justice Museum to learn more about Victorian crime and punishment, as well as take part in a trail. In Art we will be studying MC Escher and having a go at his style of sketching.

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In our Big Issues topic we will be covering a range of important and challenging issues, most notably the Holocaust and Climate Change.  The children will look at the causes of these issues and explore their own responses to them. We are planning a trip to the National Holocaust Centre in December. In Science, we will be studying Evolution and why this was a Big Issue at the time. 


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Our inventors topic will be split into 2 parts: Weird and Wacky inventions and Inventors of the Past. We will be researching a variety of inventions including futuristic ones. Our writing will be based on H.G. Well's Time Machine and War of the Worlds. In Art, we will be having a go at re-creating Van Gogh's Starry Night painting. Our Science topics will be light and electricity.




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In the summer term, we will learn about South America, its countries and its geography. Also, our art will be based on South American patterns and animals.