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Year 6 Curriculum


In this topic, children will be looking at the Diamond Brothers book (by Anthony Horowitz) in Literacy and using it to plan and write their own pieces of fiction.

We will  be Thinking Like A Historian to research and answer the question 'How and why have crimes and punishments changed over time?' We will be researching different aspects of crime and punishment throughout history and in the present day. Our non-fiction writing will be based on this.

We will be studying MC Escher and having a go at his style of sketching to enable us to Think Like An Artist. 

Also, we will be Thinking Like A Person Of Faith to answer the big question of 'How do Muslims show commitment to God?' 

In Science lessons, we will be studying the circulatory and digestive systems and carrying out enquiries using our Think Like A Scientist skills.


Our class book for this term is Holes by Louis Sachar.


In our Big Issues topic we will be covering a range of important and challenging issues, most notably the Holocaust and Climate Change.  The children will look at the causes of these issues and explore their own responses to them. We are planning a trip to the National Holocaust Centre in December. In Science, we will be studying Evolution and why this was a Big Issue at the time.